Experience a true ECN broker that works for you, not against you. Here’s what you’ll get trading with us: Lightning-fast execution of under 50ms Access to a deep and diverse liquidity pool No requotes Confidential trading No manipulation and no restrictions



Electronic Communication Network, otherwise known as ECN, streamlines the way people conduct business in foreign exchange. It builds a direct bridge between brokers and liquidity providers on behalf of retail traders.

Our brokers at Fair Forex take this one step further through TRUE ECN. Some ECN brokers take your trades to different banks and hedge funds rather than to the entire network. As a result, they might not secure the best deals on the market.

Our TRUE ECN brokers unlock the door to a greater network so we can give you the best available price in the entire market.



Not all forex brokers are the same and many work against you and want you to lose. This type of broker is called a Market Maker. A Market Maker is essentially a bookie taking the opposite side of your trades and trading against you. With Fair Forex you are guaranteed that we will never work against YOU.

True ECN brokers who want you to be active and profitable



Trading with a True ECN broker such as Fair Forex means that your trades are being matched with other traders in the real market. It makes no difference to us if you win or lose the trade but we want you to be profitable, so you trade regularly.

Not all ECN brokers are TRUE ECN

Not all brokers who state they are ECN are TRUE ECN.

Some brokers are Straight Through Processing (STP) brokers. This means that your trades go to different liquidity providers rather than to the whole network, meaning you don’t necessarily get the best available price on the market. Not only that but you are more likely to experience higher slippage and delays.

With Fair Forex TRUE ECN we match your trade to the best available price, not to the available liquidity provider.

We get the best price in the market



Our ECN marketplace boasts a deep and diverse liquidity pool, including banking institutions, high frequency traders and, hedge funds. It also features internal orders matching and liquidity aggregation. Our central clearing model allows all market participants to access liquidity and trade with all other participants.



It’s important to review your potential foreign exchange broker before you start working with them. You’ve probably heard of brokers who trade against you so they could potentially earn more. That won’t happen with us, though. It doesn’t make a difference to our profitability whether you win or lose, but we are genuinely invested in your profitability. So, we use TRUE ECN to optimise your liquidity pool. This type of foreign exchange trading uses an advanced technology setup so that the broker can tap all possible liquidity brokers including banks, hedge funds and high-frequency traders. On the other side of the spectrum, brokers won’t have an issue with clients about transparency in the trading process. You also don’t have to worry about your broker trading against you. This is because the ECN trading model ensures that the broker’s profitability increases only with the trading volume that they generate. Additionally, the advanced technology of TRUE ECN makes it ideal for traders who want an accelerated speed of trading execution. It’s easier to see all quotes and bids to pinpoint the most profitable one. Our brokers can easily access these networks anytime. Our Paris-based servers are at an advantage because these foreign exchange trading venues typically have better offer “after hours.”

Given the wide network of TRUE ECN brokers and how quickly they can secure the best available prices on the market, it’s no surprise that ECN brokerage is the most preferred form of foreign exchange trade. We can assure you that our brokers have your best interests in mind because with the way ECN trading works, ECN broker profitability comes from their commission. This should give you peace of mind that your broker will take care of your account.

Your trading activity is completely anonymous. Factors like your current market position, foreign exchange history and trading strategies might affect bids and prices. This isn’t the case with TRUE ECN trading; it offers complete anonymity. Your broker gets on overview of actual market conditions, resulting in neutral prices for all your foreign exchange trading activities. You get the best bids through automated data. Even the best foreign exchange brokers in the world could use some help to secure the best available prices for you. In the case of our TRUE ECN brokers, they maximise an automated system that links your trading strategies to the broker’s data feed. This data alignment boosts your chances of profitable trade. Your broker can secure instant confirmations. If you’re the type who wants to see real results immediately, ECN trading can give you just that. This form of foreign exchange trading takes place instantly. There’s no need to negotiate and there’s no room for re-quotes. The prices that your broker sees are final and they can immediately secure those prices for you. Your broker has the flexibility of variable spreads. TRUE ECN is ideal for long-term foreign exchange traders because ECN brokers have variable spreads. They can stay on the lookout for the best prices and only enter the market when the prices are lower – this is usually during lull or quiet forex market conditions – and they’re sure of your profitability.

We consider ourselves the world’s fairest broker. We use TRUE ECN to gain direct access to the best bids and offers online, and we offer this service to anybody who wants to succeed in the foreign exchange market. Our clients include individuals, single traders, market traders and banks. Open an account and maximise your profitability today.


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