Fair Forex "Scam" Claims Refuted

As of April 2019, trades in the foreign exchange market have surged to a whopping $6.6 trillion a day. Because of the staggering amount of money involved, many unscrupulous brokers engage in fraudulent schemes in the hopes of getting a slice of the pie.

Despite serious enforcement actions by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association (NFA), forex scams like the Signal-Seller Scam persist. The prevalence of these shady schemes has tainted the reputation of reputable brokers like Fair Forex.

Contrary to online rumors, Fair Forex remains a highly trustworthy forex broker. This article discusses why.


How Fair Forex Started

Founded by seasoned traders, Fair Forex understands the struggles of professional and novice traders alike.

The company was established after its founder, Krissy Jones, organized a support group for traders victimized by dishonest brokers. During their meetings, it was revealed how traders were robbed of their money and deceived into signing contracts with unbelievably high fees and spreads.

Devastated and committed to helping her fellow brokers, Jones and the other co-founders vowed to create a platform where brokers of all levels could trade safely, securely, and confidently. Thus, the birth of the fairest broker in the industry—Fair Forex.

To this day, Fair Forex is guided by the same philosophy: To provide fair brokerage services to its clients. True enough, the company offers some of the industry’s lowest and most enticing spreads and commissions.

Through decades of unwavering customer service, Fair Forex has cultivated a loyal clientele and a community composed of seasoned traders dedicated to assisting newcomers in the industry.

The Fair Forex Difference

Unlike other brokerages, Fair Forex works for you, not against you.

The organization thrives in seeing clients grow into skilled forex traders. For this reason, Fair Forex provides tools like free indicators and signals to help them succeed. By continuously monitoring the market, Fair Forex provides valuable trading skills that help clients make better trading decisions.

Experience the following benefits if you partner with Fair Forex:

  • High ECN Liquidity: Fair Forex partners with hedge funds, banks, and high-frequency traders to bring clients high liquidity.
  • Multiple Account Options: Choose from several account types to match your trading needs.
  • Various Deposit Methods: Fair Forex offers convenient ways to make deposits—from same-day bank transfers to credit and debit card payments.
  • Fuss-Free Withdrawal: Enjoy same-day withdrawals with no processing fees, except for charges from your bank.

What Fair Forex Clients Say

When you work with Fair Forex, expect client-focused, transparent, and fair broker services. Take it from the hundreds of clients Fair Forex has supported through the years.

Trading Tools You Can Rely On

“Great platform, at first I was a little skeptical but after using it I like it.” – Tammy Robbins

Fair Forex’s trading platform offers 47 forex pairs and 39 commodities that clients can trade with. They help traders make more informed and objective trading decisions by providing tools like free forex indicators and trend charts.

Fair Forex traders also have access to a free demo account that enables them to practice trading in a simulated environment without risk.

Excellent Customer Service

“Fair Forex is a very efficient and convenient broker that welcomes you into the trading realm as family and provides the best customer service to ensure your profits.” – Abdullah Rahman

Fair Forex’s customer support team is available 24/7 to give you the assistance you need, from heading off price movements to adjusting bets and placing new trades. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them via the Telegram app.

24/7 Access to Expert Traders

“Fair forex is the best broker that I ever used! I have been trading about 4 months and it has been a beautiful experience. This skill set has been teaching me a lot about myself!” – Marketa Wells-Tillman

Partner with Fair Forex to receive round-the-clock trading advice from professional traders and full access to peer groups through their Telegram channel.

Join the Fairest Broker in the Industry

Increase your wins and become a successful trader with help from a reputable and reliable forex broker like Fair Forex. With a robust trading platform made by traders for traders, clients can expect fair and regulated brokerage services. They will also receive advice from professional traders and gain access to free trading tools and a peer support program.

Experience the benefits of working with a trusted and reliable forex broker. Reach out to Fair Forex today to sign up for a free demo account.


We were founded by successful traders just like you and have built our reputation as the dependable low spread forex broker.

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  • True ECN broker
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  • Free signals and indicators
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