We’re proud to present the Enterprise account, a trading account we created for professional traders. We offer tight spreads, multiple deposit methods, and a transparent contract without hidden fees. Our comprehensive service is designed to meet the high standards and demands of professional forex trading. Simple, innovative, and bespoke, our platform has accommodated hundreds of successful clients. You could be the next.


The world’s most trusted broker

Our founders started out as retail traders. After trying many different forex brokers, they realized the importance of impeccable customer service, trustworthy advisors, honesty, and integrity. Inspired to do better for fellow brokers, our founders opened Fair Forex and made a promise to become the fairest, most trusted broker in the industry.

Fair Forex: Enterprise Account

Designed for professional traders, hedge fund managers, trading managers and commercial enterprises, the Enterprise Account provides an ultra-reliable platform for buying, selling, and trading in the foreign exchange markets.

Whether you’re placing personal hedges or managing speculations on behalf of clients, this trading account is made for you.

• Institutionally raw spreads
• $2 per lot per side commissions
• Regulated broker and liquidity provider
• Ultra-low spreads usually 0.0 pips on most pairs
• Confidential and secure
• Deep dark liquidity with less than 0.27ms connection speed
• No maximum lot sizes
• Same-day processing of withdrawals
• No limits on withdrawals

Our Enterprise Account is ideal for scalpers or traders who make multiple trades daily to generate profits from small price movements within the forex market.

The benefits of our Enterprise trading account


Our Enterprise trading account uses the ECN trading model and brings the following benefits:

• Exclusive spreads – depending on how much you want to hold or trade
• Broad currency pair options – across 47 currency pairs.
• Regulated – connected to all major banks in the world
• Same-day withdrawals – professional traders who do a lot of scalping can get the day’s earnings through same-day processing

For more information on the benefits of professional or corporate trading, contact us at Fair Forex.


What Makes Fair Forex Different?


Our trading account for corporate enterprises and trading professionals is equipped with various trading tools, charts, indicators, and other information that we offer for free.
We provide exceptional support, both retail and corporate. If you need assistance or would like to consult other professional traders, we can give you instructional materials and access to trading professionals.


A Reliable Platform for Professional Forex and Crypto Traders


Allow us to help you succeed in forex and crypto trading.

We can provide you with video instructions on how to use indicators for our various trading platforms. We also organize a peer support program wherein clients can exchange ideas through telegram chat groups. You may consult with other professional traders through the chat group.

Our platform supports crypto trading. Our Enterprise Account is the best broker for cryptocurrency trading with confidence.


Get started today

Start trading forex or cryptocurrencies with us today. Our Enterprise account has all the trading tools, charts, and information you need, as well as access to currency pairs. For questions, get in touch with our team and book a consultation.


We were founded by successful traders just like you and have built our reputation as the dependable low spread forex broker.

  • Spreads from just 0.0 pips
  • True ECN broker
  • Safety of funds
  • Free signals and indicators
  • All the help you need to succeed