MAM stands for Multi-Account-Manager and is designed for fund and money managers to trade on behalf of multiple clients for a % of the profits. This makes it easy for money managers to execute block trades for multiple clients at the same time, and easily manage risk from one account.


How does it work?
The Manager uses the Master account to open and close all trades. The accounts that follow him are called slave accounts.


What are the features?
• Use one master account to open and close orders for multiple client accounts at the same time.
• Place orders for as many clients as you want
• Set different management fees (% of profits) for each client
• Management fees are added to a separate account in real time
• Clients can determine their own stop loss in $USD
• No restrictions on the number of clients or deposit amounts.
• Clients can monitor progress in real time.
• All normal orders types accepted (i.e.: stop loss, pending orders, trailing stop and take profit).


What are the benefits?
• Ideal for inexperienced traders who lacks knowledge about the market but want to trade safely.
• Operating your account under a money manager can help you defeat the emotional aspects of trading (risk, greed and emotions).
• A Forex MAM account manager will earn money in real time.
• Ideal for traders who do not have enough time to research proposed forex trades.


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