Become a forex Introducing Broker for one of the most trusted and industry-leading trading platforms in the forex market.

When you partner with us as an Introducing Broker you can start earning right away.

We can offer you and your clients’ generous rebates with commissions paid in real time and with no limits, along with a whole host of other benefits, including the following:

• Earn from your clients’ trading activity
• Commissions are paid in real time
• Generous rebates of up to 25%
• No limits on earnings
• Five tier introducer broker programme

Being an Introducing Broker

As an IB, your role is to have a direct relationship with the client while you delegate the trade executions and back-office operations to us. You will be relaying your client’s wishes so we can perform them. These include buying or selling currencies.

Your proximity and access to your client will prove helpful, especially when explaining concepts and advising steps forward. You will essentially perform similar tasks to that of stockbrokers in the equities market. This means your role will have an important focus on customer service.

Trading Efficiency

Because of your participation as an Introducing Broker, the processes are streamlined. Efficiency is increased while workloads are lowered on both ends. This results in a more productive setup for you and your clients.

This arrangement also improves specialization. While your main goal is to focus on and interact with the client, we can focus more on trading and backend operations.

Mutually Beneficial

Aside from the increased efficiency and improved specialization, our working relationship also gives you access to several advantages. This is how introducing brokers make money.

You earn passively with every trade your clients make. At Fair Forex, these commissions have no limit. Rebates of up to 25% are also attractive benefits for both you and your clients. Because we are a trusted and reliable trading platform, you can be confident that you’ll always receive your introducing broker commissions in real-time as well.

Forge a mutually beneficial partnership with Fair Forex through our Introducing Broker Program. Reach out to us to learn more.


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